Prescription Drug Monitoring


Prevent abuse, diversion, and misuse by coordinating better care in your state. Our Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) solution combines flexibility and accessibility with a community of peers that is unmatched in the industry. Use our clinically-based technologies to connect prescribing practices with utilization tracking algorithms and create a global understanding of drug use in your population.


Our program includes full PDMP services supported by RxSentry®, our Web-based application, which facilitates the collection of controlled substance data and reporting on prescribing and dispensing habits. RxSentry's flexibility allows implementations specific to state legislative mandates in order to monitor controlled substance patterns at multiple levels.


Users can securely access RxSentry online at any time, allowing for on-demand data uploading and patient profiling.

Grant Reporting

Reveal patterns and uncover potential fraud with our clinical- and person-focused data analysis capabilities.


We are fully-equipped to support grant application and reporting for program enhancement opportunities.


With a presence from coast-to-coast, our clients enjoy a collaborative environment where we share ideas, successes, and strategies.

Benefits of our expertise

Our solution assists with early intervention, reduction in diversion, and enforcement of laws related to controlled substance use. Our team provides the support necessary to maintain a PDMP that protects the health and welfare of Americans nationwide.

Read about how the Florida Department of Health used our solution to decrease the number of opioid-related deaths by more than 69%. According to the CDC, this represents the first documented substantial decline in drug overdose mortality in any state during the past ten years.

What you get:

  • Market-leading data collection, validation, clustering, and quality processes
  • On-demand clinical, individual, geographical, trend, threshold, and grant reporting
  • Compliance with Security and Privacy requirements from HIPAA and HITECH
  • Integration with both PMP data sharing hubs, health information exchanges, and more, facilitating quicker access to more PDMP data
  • Technical support for ALL user groups and clinical, administrative, strategic support for PMP agencies and stakeholders