Important Administrative Rule Update

Effective January 12, 2017

Florida Administrative Code, 64K-1.004 Management and Operation of Database has been amended as outlined below:

  1. A dispenser that has no dispensing transactions to report for the preceding seven-day period must submit a zero activity report as described in the “Dispenser’s Implementation Guide.
  2. All pharmacies that DO NOT dispense controlled substances in or into this state submit a Notification of Exemption from Reporting Form (DH8016-PDMP).  Exemptions must be renewed on or before February 28 in odd years by completing the Renewal of Notification of Exemption from Reporting (DH8018-PDMP) Form.  Pharmacies seeking to begin dispensing controlled substance must notify the program electronically and be removed from the exemption list prior to registering to report to the program database.
  3. Each dispenser who directly dispenses a controlled substance shall report the telephone number for the person for whom the prescription was written, in addition to the information required to be reported under section 893.055(3), Florida Statutes.  Dispensers will have until January 11, 2018 to begin reporting the telephone number.

For technical assistance, contact the help desk at

Welcome Dispensers to E-FORCSE, the Florida Prescription Drug Monitoring Program.

If you have dispensed a controlled substance in or into the state of Florida in schedule II, III, and IV, you will be required to report to the database. This includes pharmacies licensed under chapter 465, Florida Statute, including mail order and Internet pharmacies; and dispensing health care practitioners licensed under chapters 458, 459, 461, 462, 465, and 466, Florida Statute.

Dispensers must perform the following steps to request an upload account:   

1. Click the Dispenser’s Implementation Guide. Review the important topics such as reporting requirements, data file submission methods, creating an upload account, creating a data file, uploading or reporting data, revising a record, handling a record for an unclaimed fill, understanding upload error codes and definitions.

2. To create a new upload account and open the New Account Setup for FL PDMP Upload Access screen, click on the Dispenser’s Upload Site on the left menu, enter newacct in the user ID field, and welcome in the password field. Complete the information on screen and click submit. A randomly assigned password for the FTP and SFTP upload process is provided.  

A health care practitioner is not required to report to the database when he or she

  • administers a controlled substance directly to a patient if the amount is adequate to treat the patient during that particular treatment session
  • administers a controlled substance to a patient or resident receiving care at a hospital, nursing home, ambulatory surgical center, hospice, or intermediate care facility for the developmentally disabled
  • administers or dispenses a controlled substance in the health care system of the Department of Corrections
  • administers a controlled substance in the Emergency Room of a licensed hospital
  • administers or dispenses a controlled substance to a patient under the age of 16 or
  • dispenses a one-time, 72-hour re-supply of controlled substances.


If you do not intend to dispense controlled substances in or into the state of Florida, complete and submit a Notification of Exemption from Reporting form available at

If you have additional questions or concerns, please email the Help Desk at Please be sure to include your username along with any additional information that might help in resolving your issue.


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