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PDMP Registration

The controlled substance database is a web-based tool developed to assist licensed prescribers, dispensers, law enforcement personnel, and regulatory boards. Licensed prescribers, dispensers, and law enforcement personnel must apply to access the controlled substance database through the Application Link on the left side of this page.


Alabama Licensing Board users must submit a completed application to the Alabama Department of Public Health. Several options for submitting an application are available (mail, fax, or email).


Alabama Department of Public Health
Bureau of Professional and Support Services
Prescription Drug Monitoring Program
P.O. Box 303017
Montgomery, Alabama 36130-3017

2) FAX



If you have any questions regarding how to submit your application, please contact the PDMP at 1-877-703-9869.

We strongly recommend reviewing the AL PDMP Training Guide for Licensing Boards for instructions on using the AL PDMP Database system.



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